Specialty Petroleum Terminals

We own or operate 12 terminal facilities providing storage and handling services for some or all of the following: anhydrous ammonia, asphalt, sulfur, sulfuric acid, fuel oil, crude oil and other petroleum products and by-products.

Each of these terminals has storage capacity for petroleum products and by-products and has assets to handle products transported by vessel, barge and truck. Our Tampa terminal is located on approximately 10 acres of land owned by the Tampa Port Authority. Our Stanolind terminal is located on approximately 11 acres of land owned by Martin Resource Management Corporation and us and located on the Neches River in Beaumont, Texas. Our Neches terminal is a deep water marine terminal located near Beaumont, Texas, on approximately 50 acres of land owned by us. Our Ouachita County terminal is located on approximately six acres of land owned by us on the Ouachita River in southern Arkansas.

At our Tampa, Neches, and Stanolind terminals, customers are primarily large oil refining and natural gas processing companies. Customers are charged a fixed monthly fee or a throughput fee for the use of the facilities, based on the capacity of the applicable tank. We conduct a substantial portion of our terminalling and storage operations under long-term contracts, which enhances the stability and predictability of our operations and cash flow. We attempt to balance our short term and long term terminalling contracts in order to allow us to maintain a consistent level of cash flow while maintaining flexibility to earn higher storage revenues when demand for storage space increases. At our Ouachita County terminal, Cross Oil Refining and Marketing operates the terminal under a long-term terminalling agreement, whereby we receive a throughput fee. We also continually evaluate opportunities to add services and increase access to our terminals to attract more customers and create additional revenues.