Marine Terminals

We own or operate 19 marine terminals along the U.S. Gulf Coast from Theodore, Alabama to Port O’Connor, Texas. Martin Midstream’s terminal assets are located at strategic distribution points for the products we handle and are in close proximity to our customers. Further, the location and composition of our terminals are structured to complement our other businesses and reflect our strategy to provide a broad range of integrated services in the handling and transportation of petroleum products and by-products.

We developed these terminalling and storage assets by acquiring existing terminalling and storage facilities and then customizing and upgrading these facilities as needed to integrate the facilities into their petroleum product and by-product transportation network and to more effectively service customers.

We are one of the largest operators of marine service terminals in the Gulf Coast region. These terminals are used to distribute and market lubricants and the full service terminals also provide shore bases for companies that are operating in the offshore exploration and production industry. Customers are primarily oil and gas exploration and production companies and oilfield service companies such as drilling mud companies, marine transportation companies and offshore construction companies.

Shore bases typically provide logistical support including the storing and handling of tubular goods, loading and unloading bulk materials, providing facilities from which major and independent oil companies can communicate with and control offshore operations and leasing dockside facilities to companies which provide complementary products and services such as drilling fluids and cementing services. We generate revenues from our terminals that have shore bases by fees that we charge our customers under land rental contracts for the use of our terminal facility for these shore bases. These contracts generally provide us a fixed land rental fee and additional rental fees that are determined based on a percentage of the sales value of the products and services delivered from the shore base.

We also generate revenues through the distribution and marketing of lubricants. Lubricants are used in the operation of offshore drilling rigs, offshore production and transmission platforms, and various ships and equipment engaged in marine transportation. In addition, Martin Resource Management Corporation, through contractual arrangements, pays us for terminalling and storage of fuel oil at these terminal facilities.

These terminals are generally divided into three classes of terminals: (i) full service terminals, (ii) fuel and lubricant terminals and (iii) specialty petroleum terminals.