Martin Resources

Fertilizer and related sulfur products are a natural extension of Martin Midstream’s molten sulfur business because of their access to sulfur and distribution capabilities. These products allow Martin Midstream to leverage the Sulfur Services segment of their business. Annual fertilizer and industrial sulfur products sales have grown significantly as a result of acquisitions and internal growth.

In the U.S., fertilizer is generally sold to farmers through local dealers. These dealers are typically owned and supplied by much larger wholesale distributors. Martin Midstream sells to these wholesale distributors. The industrial sulfur products are marketed primarily in the southern U.S., where many paper manufacturers and power plants are located. The products are sold in accordance with the price lists that vary from state to state. These price lists are updated periodically to reflect changes in seasonal and competitive prices. Martin Midstream transports their fertilizer and industrial sulfur products using third-party common carriers and utilize rail shipments for large volume and long distance shipments where available.

Martin Midstream manufactures and markets the following sulfur-based fertilizer and related sulfur products: